Loo Review 

Raising the Standard. Lowering the Seat. 

Loo Review is on a mission to connect The People with the best toilets, quickly and efficiently. People spend, on average, 92 days of their lives on the toilet. Loo Review is out to ensure that those days aren't spent in lousy latrine squalor.

With our innovative app, patrons will be able to shine a light on business owners who neglect their loos. 

Jamie Lee Curtis, Spokeswoman for Activia 

"I have been eating Activia for 6 years and I'm so regular that finding a bathroom is necessary 3 times per day. With Loo Review, I always know how far I am from a nice facility." 

Fairfax Colon & Rectal Facility 
"Tracking your bowel movements is a key activity in maintaining GI health. We recommend Loo Review to all of our patients as a way to implement preventative measures against GI issues. 

Charity Water 
"Loo Review has been a great partner with us. Through donations from their app, we've already been able to build clean water facilities in 30 villages in Trichy, INDIA.